The Explosive Truth About Effective Content

How to make your content great

You can create exceptional content. The problem is setting aside the time to do it properly. If you don’t put the time into creating exceptional content every time, you might as well be pouring your energy, money and time down the drain.

But simply creating content to the tune of one 300 word article an hour is not the path to riches. Truly great content convinces you with well-researched topics, entices you with answers and causes you to act upon suggestions.

This kind of persuasive writing takes time and if you can’t devote time to do it properly, make sure you work with a partner who can.

If you are prepared to put the time in and follow these truths however, you can reap the rewards.

1. Be Original

If you don’t write something original then who is going to share your content? Think about your own browsing habits. When was the last time you shared something you’d already read somewhere else? Think about what makes you share an article or page and copy it – originally.

There’s another extremely powerful reason for creating truly unique content.

Remember that if you create a great article that drives users to take an action and publish the content to the web, that piece of content is likely to be online forever, and will always be pushing your visitors along the path you created for them. One piece of great content can truly last a lifetime.

2. Convince Users They Need to Read It

As we’ve already said in other articles; you don’t have long to convince your user to read your content. In fact, you have about 3 or 4 words of a title. If you’ve not convinced your users to keep going by then, you’ve probably lost them forever.

This is why you need to write the perfect title every time. The title of your content is the only chance you’ll have to hook a reader.

Titles, like all creative writing, are subjective, but here’s a few stonking ideas to get you thinking about what you need to do to create your own.

3. Keep Your Content Crisp, Clean and Concise

It’s not easy to whittle down your sentences so that they convey everything they need to in as few words as possible. But it is rewarding.

Concise content doesn’t bore people. It gets your information to the reader quickly and keeps them on the hook for the next sentence. With a little editing work post-completion, you can often strip out about 20% of what you originally wrote. Being able to do this whilst still being able to encourage an action should be your ultimate goal.

Here’s 14 examples of amazing calls to action that you can take some inspiration from.

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