Five Words That Grab Attention

You might have a delicious press release lined up or a meaty slab of great content ready to go but if neither are served with a headline that grabs attention, you won’t be having ice-cream for dessert.

Your headline is the secret ingredient that will draw your readers into your content. It applies regardless of the type of content you write and is just as powerful a device in your press releases as it is in your blog posts.

Headlines are the end of the story for most readers with only 2 out of 10 people going on to read the full article after reading one. Yet, with the simple addition of a powerful word, even the worst headlines can be improved to capture attention.

Using data from our own content, we’ve put together a small list of five words that lead to higher readership, more time spent reading content and improved social reach.

  1. Explosive, as used in “The Explosive Truth About Effective Content
  2. Stunning,  “Stunning Content Marketing Facts You’ll Not Believe”
  3. Secrets are always enticing, like “The Filthy Secrets of Creating Perfect Content”
  4. Conquer all challenges with “The Content Strategy That Conquers All Others”
  5. Worst eg. “The 10 Worst Headlines in Content Marketing History”

You’ll notice the common thread in each word is that they all have the power to both entice and excite you. They promise a revelation that will change your outlook.

These five words are just a sliver taken from the recipe we use when we craft effective content.

If you need some exceptional content written for you that makes the most of these tips and more like them, please request your free sample now and reap the instant peace of mind that comes with having the content marketing partner you always wanted but could never find.

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